Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LEDApple... Baby read to this text!

Hey guys!
Today I'm going to introduce you an awesome korean boy band! Actually at first I wanted to do a product review next, but since my package didn't arrive yet, I decided to do something else. So where should I start? Well,  yesterday I was listening to korean music  ( B.A.P.- Warrior ^.^) on YouTube and somehow I discovered the official account of LEDApple. The first song I listened was a solo of the main vocal. He covered "Wrecking Ball" from "Miley Cyrus" and wow he has an amazing voice *-* Really!
Here is a picture of the band:
So what's your first impression?  They are good-looking, aren't they? ^^

The band consists of five members

- Kyumin
Yeah this is Kyumin. He is the maknae of the band and also the rapper.

That's him :D His part is the bass and he also does a part of the rapping.

Hyoseok is the drummer of Ledapple. I think he is like the diva of the group ^^

Hanbyul is the main vocalist and also a rapper. He is from Australia, so he also has an english name- Jason.

Youngjun is the oldest one and the leader and guitarist here. He and Kwangyeon are the only two origin members left.

I love them all ♥

But guess who my bias is :D


I'm not quite sure why him but if I first listened to his solo, I loved it. Just so amazing *-* He is really cute^^

But now back to the band. Ledapple is actually kinda rock band type. Are you curious why it is LEDApple?  LED stood for "Logic Egoistic Delete" but it also refers to their role model Led Zeppelin. And the Apple represents their fresh image and music. We fans are called LEDAs :))

The band has six singles and three albums. They also have a "Music Note Project" . You can find the project on youtube. The project has 50 episodes where the band covers number one hits, not only korean one but also american. I will give you the link to the official youtube account, so you could check them out!

Here is the first song I've ever listened and which I have spoken from, at the behinning of this post. It is also a cover from the Music Note Project.
Cover of "Wrecking Ball from Miley Cyrus" by Hanbyul

A fantastic cover song!♥

And here's another one. It's from Katy Perry- Roar covered by Hanbyul:

This one is with BoA. Just give me a reason- Pink.

They did even a cover from Gentleman- PSY:

And here are some of their own songs:

Time is up

Who are you

Did you know LEDApple already? Who is your bias in LEDApple?  What do you think of them? Please let me know in the comments :)

Check them out please :)
I really recommend you Ledapple. These guys are amazing! 
Bye bye! And have a nice day!~^^
I hope next time I can do the review :D

PS: The title is a little bit weird. I just tried to change the phrase from the song Time is up "Baby listen to this song!" And result is like this hihihi 


  1. I've heard of LED Apple a few years back but I've never really taken them a really close look. I'm currently listening to Wrecking Ball and now I'm wondering why I haven't listened to it earlier on.

    1. Yeah I was like that too. I heard from LEDApple before but didn't give it any attention. Now I'm wondering why. Hanbyul has an amazing voice ♥ The songs they've covered I did'nt like them before but now I've fallen in love with them :D
      And thank you for reading this post and writing a comment :) you're my first comment~ so exciting^^ Thanks :)

  2. I've heard of them, but I never listened to any of their songs until now. I don't know why I didn't check them out earlier! I will definitely be listening to more of the stuff! Thanks ^_^

    1. Thank you very much for your comment :))
      I hope you'll like them as much as I do ^.^