Saturday, May 31, 2014

My bias list ♥

Hey guys,
I'm back again! :D This time with my bias list ^^
In my last post I have introduced you the band LEDApple and my bias of the group Hanbyul ♥



Now I've decided to do a bias list where I list my bias from each group I like.  I hope you'll like it :)

So first let's get started with Super Junior ^^

Can you tell who my bias is?^^

Yeeeess it's Donghae :))

Now Infinite :D

And my bias is...

L!!! *-* Isn't he just handsome? ^^

And BEAST :)

Junhyung is my bias *__*

You know JYJ, right?

And can you guess who my bias is?^^


Jaejoong :D Awww I love him :D I'm also currently watching his drama "Triangle". Omg he is so awesome *-*

I really love his singing and also acting. This drama is just so amazing,  if you don't watch it yet, you have to. It's a really nice drama to watch :)

So our next group is CN Blue ♥

Omg I can't tell you how much I love them. They were the first korean band I have ever listened and my first korean song I have listened ftom them. With CN Blue I first meet with korean music. And in my first drama I've watched,  You're Beautiful,  Yonghwa played in it and sinxe them I felt in love with him. So you can te5l, who my bias of this group is right?  :D

YONGHWA ♥ Yeah I think you guessed right :D They are a fantastic band ♥ I love them from the very beginning on and can't stop~^^

And now, FT Island :) 

Well, my bias from this group played also in the drama 'You're Beautiful'. You all know him :D

Lee Hongki :)

And the next band is....

...tadaaa EXO :) 

And my bias...

...tadaaa Baekhyun *__*

Next one is B.A.P :) I like them really much ^^ My favourite song ever is WARRIOR ♥

And my bias is... well how should I tell you? It's like hmm... just imagine Zelo is my husband and Himchan is my other hubby. Kinda like that :D 

Zelo.. awww *-*

And Himchan...hahaha like that photo^^

And now B1A4 :) Do you know them?  If not, check them out!~~^^

And now my bias ^^ Sandeul :)

What a cutie :D

Block B ^^

My bias B Bomb *-*

Now let's come to BtoB :)

Born to Beat

My bias Minhyuk :)

And not to forget UKISS :)

Soohyun :))

I will now introduce you a new band since I'm not sure if you know them. They are a rookie hip hop band called "Play the siren". Do you know them?^^ Maybe you heard of them :)

And here they are:

The band consists of seven members, five boys and two girls: SIREN, J.ROK, BeckBum, SQUALLA, FLO TAGGER and CHICHI, Kasper. I hope I wrote their names right ^^

I like Kasper the most. She has a nice voice and raps very cool.
That's her:

I'll post some links so you can go and check them out :)

Have a listen

Let me know in the comment section below who your bias are and which band do you like the most :)
That's all for today :) Thank you for reading my post. Bye bye and see you later!^^

P.S.: My next post will probably be a product review :))


  1. We have some of the same favorites! Do you know VIXX?

  2. Really? Cool! :) Yes I know them but don't listen to them often. I know Hongbin and N. Two handsome guys hihihi but N a little bit more ^^

  3. I've given up on my bias list OTL!!!
    But we have quite a few biases in common~~ XD
    I'm inviting you to join my first blog giveaway~ I hope you will join!
- Charmaine

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    1. Yeah it took me some time doing this, I was near giving up :D omo really? How great :) Well who could not like this handsome men right?^^
      Alright going to check your blog out, I'm looking forward to it^^