Saturday, May 3, 2014

My first post

Hey guys!
Today I made a spontaneous decision. I decided to blog. I am not quite sure how to do it but... yeah I just wanna try it. I hope you will support me. :)
So first let me introduce myself. My nickname is TC, spoken TiCi, and I am a seventeen years old girl who likes... actually I like too much things to write. I like KPOP and also KDramas. But I not only listen to korean music but also other for example turkish one.  I like asian food, korean, chinese, japanese, turkish and so on, but also italian food. Generally speaking you can say I like Asia very much and somehow Italia :D hmm... what can I also say about me? Well I'm from Turkey, but live in Germany,  near the city Cologne :)  Before I forgot it, I'm also called "Maus" (it means "mouse" in german) because of my height hihihi in real I'm just 157cm high, not much right?:D But that's not the important thing here, is it? :D Interesting is what should I do with this blog :D what I am going to do will be mixing blog which means I would post everything, about every subject. It can be that I would write product reviews or about movies or food or even about a drama. But honestly I don't have much time because of the school and soon there are going to be exams. It will be a tough time >. < But I am going to try my best! Please take care of me~^^

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