Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Hello guys! :)

I'm back from the death hahaha ^^ Finally I'm doing another review. This time I'm going to review Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshner. I'm sorry that it's coming so late but I didn't have any time because of my exams and then I got breakouts due to the Beton product (review coming soon). So it actually ruined my mood to post a blog. But now I have more time and I'm ready to post more and frequently since we have holidays :) So let's get started! Read on!


It has a nice packaging with cute illustrations.  I love the color ^^ But unfortunately most of the writing is in korean :/ Well you still understand how to use it and for what :D

What it claims:

It claims to be the total pore solution. It is a 7 in 1 product and promises to:
-deep cleanse pores
-maintain ph 4.5
-control a large amount of sebum
-minimize appearance of pores
-refine skin tones
-keep the elasticity of pores
-moisture inside and outside of skin

It says it's the wonder woman for our pores. Sweet~~^^


I really have problems with enlarged pores. I mean really big, like hell. Unfortunately >. < But like this I can review this product intensively, right? I used the toner for about three months. Till now I didn't see any changes in my pores or blackheads. My skin didn't improve at all! And I also have oily combination skin but it didn't do anything in regards of sebum control. I really expected mcu of this product since it's so popular and I read may good reviews. But it didn't work out for my skin :( But still there is something I like about this toner. It moistures very nice and as a mist it's really refreshing. I lime that this product can be used in many ways. I even use it to wet my make up sponge, it makes the make up application much easier and gives you a nice healthy finish.


-didn't do anything to my pores, blackheads
-no sebum control
-didn't do what it promised to


-moisturising,  not drying
-nice finish after make up
-didn't make me breakout

Where I purchase it:

I've bought the 250ml product at BeautynetKorea for about $ 13.14. It's on sale right now.

Would I repurchase it:

No, I wouldn't.  It didn't do anything for my skin. But it was a nice product to try out. I'm going to use it all. Next I will purchase the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner.  Do you have any experiences with it?

What about you? How did this toner work out for you?

Thank you for reading :) Hope to see you at my next review ^.^